Right now, that isn’t a good solution to your feelings of listlessness.


Ok, do some jumping jacks! Right now! Yes, every time you find yourself on this page! It will feel silly, but even if you feel just as lethargic afterward they won’t do any harm.

What’s on your Complice to-do list for the day? Have you made it full enough that you’ll be proud to cross everything off? What’s next?

If you’re having a hard time getting started, but feel like you need to do something useful:

  • Look at the “Active Projects” list and think of the smallest possible task that would still constitute progress toward completion of that list
  • Look at your Beeminder goals and get a day ahead in something
  • Set a timer and do just 20 minutes of reading from an article in Papers: see if you can get the gist of the whole article in 20 minutes

Once you’ve made your plan, do five more jumping jacks!

If all of that feels too hard, make sure you’re ok to work:

  • Have a Soylent if you’re hungry.
  • Get some water or tea if you’re thirsty.
  • Take a shower if you’re dirty.
  • Stretch if you’re sore.

And of course, you don’t have to work! If you want to relax while you wind down for the evening, you could:

  • Write an email to a friend
  • Read a novel for fun (it is allowed!)
  • Read or re-read fan fiction
  • Watch a YouTube show — don’t forget about Mostly Walking and Acquisitions Incorporated!
  • Listen to podcasts or audiobooks