I am a text mining specialist at Northeastern University Library. My research centres on digital infrastructure and eighteenth-century women's writing. I am fascinated by the material histories of digital objects.

In previous roles, I have taught English literature and Digital Humanities at Northeastern University and the University of Toronto.

As a Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Northeastern University, I served as Co-Director of the Digital Integration Teaching Initiative, and worked with the Women Writers Project.

As a Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow in English at the University of Toronto, affiliated with the new Data Sciences Institute. I taught "The Digital Text," which explores the stakes and consequences of literature’s transition from printed to digital forms. I also supported a new class in development, "Literature and Data," an accessible introduction to data science in Python focused on textual analysis.

I served as a Program Assistant for the University of Toronto's Digital Humanities Network, and (with many others!) helped develop our new Critical Digital Humanities Initiative, which supports anti-racist, feminist, queer, and decolonial digital scholarship.

With U of T's Old Books New Science Lab, I have coauthored research on emoji and affect in Slack for Digital Humanities Quarterly, and used 3D video game software to model interactive medieval manuscripts for the Book of Fame speculative computing project.

As Co-Investigator with the University of Arkansas's Computational Literature Project (CLiP), I led a social network analysis of Shakespeare's plays.

As a hobby, I like to edit wikipedia to improve its coverage of historical women. I hand-coded this website myself so I could make it purple.

I am the father of Ada Lovelace.

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